Friday, 8 September 2017

Friday Fours

1. This week has been all about early starts. For a host of mundane reasons (weather mostly) I can't seem to sleep beyond 5am. At least when you are out and about at ridiculous o'clock you are greeted with glorious sunlight filtering though the still wintery gums. I've taken a photo in almost this exact spot every day for two months. As the weather is warming, I'm out the door a smidge earlier most days so catch the sun in exactly this spot. I bloody love it.

2. I've been listening to Meg Mac's debut Low Blows on repeat. The first time I heard Maybe It's My First Time I was dead-set so excited for this release. Low Blows does not disappoint.

3. Party Girls Die in Pearls  is the first in the Oxford Girl Mystery series by US Vogue contributor Plum Sykes. Set in a fictional Oxford College in the 80s it is a glorious addition to the amateur sleuth canon.

I very much love the way this book unabashedly established itself as the first in a series. It comprehensively introduces the main (and I assume) recurring characters while completely abandoning any notion of depth and development for those without series longevity. It is rollicking, frothy and irreverent. The gloriously named protagonist, Ursula Flowerbutton, is exactly how I would imagine Flora Poste had she lived amongst Yah and New Romantics.

It does suffer from an overabundance of explanatory footnotes. It may be a university hang over, but I really detest footnotes in novels. In Party Girls Die in Pearls, I can almost imagine the international editor demanding that unfamiliar terms be elucidated for the masses. The only saving grace is that Plum Sykes has the panache to deliver a lesson in humour in most of the annotations.

All in all a cracking read. I'm looking forward to the next Oxford Girl Mystery.

4. It seems you can't go anywhere these days without someone recommending you listen to a podcast. Because I love a bandwagon, may I suggest the Jane Austen special from Never Marry a Mitford? I was bingeing on Jane Austen content a few weeks ago and this podcast popped up in my feed. The hosts LOVE Mr Darcy and Matt Smith and they ain't shy about who knows it. 

If you find the content a bit inane - may I suggest you skip to their bests lists at the end of the podcast? Herein lies the recommendation for a BBC Radio 4 play of Pride an Prejudice. The podcast descended into such mirth whilst discussing this radio play that I hunted it down on Audible for a listen. Solid Gold. Honestly worth ever cent - I might almost go so far as to say the best Pride and Prejudice adaptation I've had the very great pleasure to enjoy. A definite ear and heart feast.

I'm also going to admit here that this superb recommendation may have encouraged me to finally watch their favourite Darcy (mine is forever David *smoulder* Rintoul) in Joe Wright's Pride and Prejudice. It isn't even half bad!

(Honourable Mention to strawberries for being so delicious but one too many things for Friday Fours)

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  1. Can i be the first commenter? I found you via foxs lane, which i love. And of course, anyone via there, is fab. Great photos, great content. I love reading blogs. Have had wine, hard to articulate...